February 2016 Featured Shoot


The February session I decided to highlight as my feature shoot was definitely a very special one. Not only were the images we managed to create beyond fantastic, the time we got to spend together making these images was just as fantastic. Getting to work with a Life Coach was more than inspirational for me on many levels. Toshia Shaw is certainly a very talented and very extraordinary human being.


Toshia choose a place to meet for our shoot. A quaint little coffee shop with a Latin flair in downtown Las Vegas: Makers and Finders. I was delighted to find this coffee shop had easy parking in front of the shop. Going anywhere downtown can be a challenge due to parking issues. Not an issue for this place. I parked right in front and eased my way into this cute and charming little gem. The lighting was ideal for shooting portraits of Toshia outside on their little patio. It was a great mini shoot before we headed off to Red Rock to continue on with the rest of our session but not without trying out their Veggie Bagel. Their Veggie Bagel was beyond amazing with a honey dill cream spread and fresh vegetables....


Red Rock Canyon has so many spots to shoot the perfect picture. Depending on the time of year and time of day, the sun is a huge factor when deciding which place to stop and start shooting. For Toshia I choose the Oak Creek Trail head area. It has excellent scenic views of the Spring Mountain Range. The Spring Mountain Range has wonderful veins of reds and golds. Covering the colorful vein stripped rock is the sparse green foliage. Perfect for a backdrop.


We were lucky enough to get white patches of snow in the very far off rock face of the range. It was a crisp and cool day. Crisp and cool is the ideal conditions I prefer to work in while I am outdoors. Toshia fell in love with this place. It is always so peaceful and serene out in this part of the valley. Being an inspirational bright light in so many people's lives, this setting was the perfect place for Toshia to be.


As our conversations continued throughout the day, I soon discovered what an amazing talent I had before me. Toshia certainly has some rare gifts and has a beautiful sense and understanding of the world. She has taken her abilities and talent onto the next level and completed a book which was why we were shooting today. To get her book cover. She will have many photos to choose from. With her vibrant energy and positive outlook, the images will be stunning.


Exploring around the little parking area and trail head for Oak Creek Canyon we managed to get a variety of different looks and styles. I am very eager to see which image she will choose from today for her book cover. I could see how healing and magical this day was for Toshia. She loved being outdoors in nature and fully enjoyed our location. Seeing people moved by nature is always such a treat for me because I am the same way.


Miraculous is a good word to describe our photo shoot together. We shared many amazing stories of inspiration and I really felt a special connection with Toshia. She is so intelligent, interesting and can certainly be in tune with her sixth sense. She really embraced the morning and afternoon time she had today out in nature.


Working with this author, speaker and Transformational Life Coach really made my day. Her spirit is strong and really came through in her images. She has a wonderful web site you can check out here https://toshiashaw.com/ . I am looking forward to her book coming out soon.

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