January 2017 Featured Shoot


Welcome to the new year and to my new format for my monthly featured shoot. To kick off the new year for 2017 I selected my feature shoot to be bright and colorful and full of talent. Hope you enjoy the first issue of my first featured shoot for 2017.


This vast area of land scattered with soft earth tones of various native desert shrubs is soft on the eyes and at times has splashes of seasonal yellow from the creosote bush that grows in this area. At times even a deep pink pops out scattered about on the Prickly pear Cactus but nothing can overshadow the very tall and very colorful mounds of rocks that have been painted in the brightest shades of colors that are very hard to find in nature if at all. They are titled the Seven Magic Mountains.


The two young women I worked with for this lovely chilly day were two performers with futures as bright as this art display. Zaza and Caroline are both singers and highly trained and skilled dancers. What a pleasant delight to get to work with these two special ladies and to be around such vivacious energy.


A short couple of miles from the Seven Magic Mountains art display is a very colorful railroad underpass. Small yet a perfect place to get out of the cold wind and discuss the plan for the shoot we were about to take part in. Both women were enthusiastic and ready for our creativity to take place.


If you have driven on the Interstate 15 about 10 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada, chances are you have noticed an oddly placed seven pillars of color. It is by no mistake these pieces are mounted here in the middle of the desert. Famous Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone choose this spot to display his latest art exhibition and it is where I choose to photograph my two subjects who both had personalities (and energy) just as colorful as this unique art display.


Zaza and Caroline quickly became comfortable with their surroundings and we quickly got into the perfect energy for our photo shoot. Being out near this iconic art piece, we were certainly not alone and the women became a cell phone and camera subject almost as much as the display itself for the friendly tourists. I am sure these ladies are used to the attention and were more than gracious to fulfill photo requests.


Patiently waiting for a sun burst or two to crawl out of the thick clouds we were able to enjoy the scenery while we awaited the perfect light. It was fun to see how the change of light hit the pillars of colorful boulders. Dramatic sky made the pillars all the more pleasant to look at from all angles.


Deciding upon the placement of these two models was so much fun and a big part of this photo session. Standing far away to view all of the pillars tended to be a nice vantage point yet it was a challenge because of all the tourists that wound up in most of these shots. As we ventured closer to these giant boulders I could see the close up images were just as photogenic if not more so than composing the entire line up of the exhibition.


The smoothness of the boulders was due to the heavy coats of paint that covered these locally acquired rocks. Once you can get close enough to touch one you can feel right away the thickness of the paint that was used. Zaza looked radiant in front of this bright fluorescent orange.


In the end these girls really were amazing. Both in their attitude and beauty they were excellent throughout the entire shoot. I was so pleased with our results and I am excited to watch them as their careers continue to escalate in the entertainment world.


On the ride back home Zaza played a sample of her music. I was certainly impressed with her amazing voice and musical talents. Caroline was incredible with her dancing ability and moves. Always a joy to collaborate with such talented people.

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