June 2017 Featured Shoot


The summer season here in Las Vegas may officially start June 20, but it can start feeling like summer as early as the beginning of May. With temps that scorch well over 100 degrees, shade becomes a coveted place to be in the summer months. For my featured June shoot I decided to share a session I not only did in shade to help with the high heat but with something even more desirable: water!


Lake Mead is the obvious choice for water in the Las Vegas valley. It is the largest reservoir in the United States and supplies water to almost 20 million people in California, Arizona and Nevada. In the hot summer months it can feel like there are 20 million people out on the lake enjoying the coolness of the water. Opting to find an oasis with shade and water other than Lake Mead can be difficult but not impossible in Southern Nevada. The location for my June shoot was a special one, hidden far from the busy Lake Mead area. Can you guess where?


My vivacious and energetic model blended in perfectly with the surrounding elements. Trees growing out of the water felt like a strange but welcomed desert wooded forest. Asia Jade enjoyed the natural environment as did I. Keeping cool when it is 110 F outside is easy with shade and water.


Asia Jade is wearing a custom-made swimsuit from Las Vegas designer, Sabra Kadabra. The green swimsuit could not have been more perfect with the natural green surroundings of this oasis. The glittery neck line of the swimsuit really made it stand out and gave it that extra bling that Las Vegas is known for.


This water is amazing. So clean and every hue of green and blue I have seen. This quickly became a favorite water spot of mine that I plan on visiting often and regularly in the summer months. When it is hot and water is hard to find it becomes even more magical and appreciated.


Enjoying the water is what made this photo session so special. Just 10 yards away was the blistering sun. I actually enjoyed being out in the warmth this day. I think Asia enjoyed herself too.


Magical light was ideal in this spot with the water casting nice hue of blues and greens onto Asia. Adjusting camera levels made this work out perfectly for getting some very nice portraits.


Some sections in our desert forest oasis were quite deep. Being careful not to submerge my camera, we managed to hike around in the water finding nice spots and perfect areas of light. This was a beautiful giant tree among the wooded area that we felt was a nice place to be and take many photos. As an added bonus, being waist deep in the water couldn't have been more comfortable and soothing.


Las Vegas translates as the meadows in Spanish. It is an appropriate name. When the early travelers saw all the natural artesian wells and green areas here, the name was given and made official. I know of many natural water spots and oasis' and I love making many of these areas a backdrop for my photography as well as the main subject.


117 F is the hottest temperature officially recorded for Las Vegas. The hottest temperature recorded in the United States was in 1913 and only 100 miles away from us in Death Valley. That day was recorded as 134. I have to say “officially” because what they read at the Mccarran International Airport here in Las Vegas is what they record. We have all driven around town and have seen and felt much hotter temperatures than what they tell us is the official one. The other day it was 124 degrees. I did a mile hike on that day but in another oasis area, the Wetlands. Friends of mine came in separate cars and confirmed they also got a reading of 124 degrees. Now that is hot!! Go find your favorite spot in the shade and stay cool this summer.


Hiking and photography are a great combo

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