March 2017 Featured Shoot


March is the month things can get warm here in the Las Vegas valley. Before spring is even here it can reach up to temperatures of 85 degrees or more. Sunshine is always nice but it can also be very harsh and very challenging when shooting outdoors in natural light. For my March featured shoot I choose a session involving three key elements associated with warm sunshine: brightly lit sky, soft desert sand and a classy swimsuit.


Finding the right location for a swimsuit shoot can be easily found in the desert valley of Las Vegas, Nevada. Poolside or lake side are two common and wonderful places to work around but today we selected a city park near the airport. An unlikely place for a photo session of my taste but this particular park has a nice section with hiking trails in the natural untouched environment of this area. Complete with sand, desert shrubs and wild desert critters this location was perfect for our shoot today.


My model Lindsay was fine hiking along barefooted in the soft sand. Seeking out the place we wanted to work in and around we were both startled at coming across an animal that lived in some of the desert shrubs. It appeared to be a feral cat and did not want anything to do with us. It quickly ran off before we could even take a good look at it. At first glance the thought of it being a wild bobcat crossed my mind but as it ran off one could see it was a wild domesticated and very well fed fluffy kitty. Being so well fed it makes you wonder what it must eat out here. Whatever it is, it must be in abundance.


The harsh light at high noon will create all kinds of dark and unwanted shadows but shooting a little overexposed helped to wash out some of the intensity. Luckily my model for this session had flawless skin so the conditions of the direct sunlight did not cause any added challenges.


This desert shrub was tall enough to provide some nice shade for the day. It is the creosote bush and it is my favorite desert shrub. When it rains here in the Las Vegas area, a sweet intoxicating scent permeates the area. This scent comes from this plant, the creosote bush also known as Larrea tridentata. In the spring it produces a bright little yellow flower that I have come to discover the large Chuckwalla lizards can not seem to resist. I have run across them on many of my hikes in this area with them on top of the plant devouring the bright yellow bloom. Quite a sight to see.


Noticing this nice shade I decided to take advantage of our only natural shade out here on the trails and take some nice portraits with this rare even light. Natural sunlight on the hair, a wonderful glow from the ambient light and even skin tones from this wild shrub made a nice setting for some perfect portraits on this bright and sunny day.


As soft and wonderful feeling the sand was on our toes and feet, deciding to put some shoes on was a good idea. Stickers and stinging critters are both a common nuisance you would not want to tumble upon barefooted. Venturing a little further on these trails allowed for a nice stroll as well as allowing us to find many more nice settings to finish up our photo session.


Lindsay was a wonderful model and a lot of fun while we went out exploring these miles of trails in the city of Las Vegas. Being on these trails we could hear and see the giant planes coming in for a landing at the famous Mccarran International Airport. The sounds of the city were all around us yet the landscape was very rustic and untouched. A nice way to spend a sunny afternoon in a bustling city.


This park has been enjoyed by residents here for the past 50 years. Sunset Park officially became a park in 1967. With over 300 acres, this is one of the largest parks in Las Vegas. It made a perfect backdrop for our session today and will be a favorite of mine for future photo sessions. The soft breezes we got today loved to dance in my models hair. Nature has a way to always assist a helping hand in enhancing my photo sessions.


The bright yellow scarf Lindsay added to her swimsuit was the perfect compliment to the soft yellow and beige sand. Tying in the yellows was perfection with the blue sky and green creosote shrubs. The desert has many beautiful colors and scents even in the brightest of the day. Lindsay was radiant in this natural setting of beauty.


Another successful day and shoot with a wonderful person. Thank you Lindsay.

Location: Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada
2601 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Model: Lindsay

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