November 2015 Featured Shoot


One of the many reasons I love shooting outdoors in nature is because it tends to bring out the best in people. Brit was no exception to this theory. The area of Red Rock Canyon was the location for this shoot. Being so close to Las Vegas it makes an excellent spot for photos. The breathtaking views of the Spring Mountain range provides an amazing backdrop for out photo shoot.


We started out doing a little light hiking to seek out the best light for the time of day we were there and to find an excellent background. There are numerous easy hikes from any of the parking areas within the 13 mile loop at Red Rock Canyon . Brit was ready to tackle any hike and we managed to pick a great spot.


Due to the high mountain range of the Spring Mountains on the west side of the park, the sun makes a nice heavy shadow across the valley that is tucked near the foot of the mountains. Shooting in even light is what I was after and Brit was great at getting ready to have her portrait taken once we found our location to work in.


Brit had the best personality and was so fun to work with. She felt very comfortable in front of the camera and brought along her stylist to help her with clothes and make up. When doing a professional shoot having a stylist along can really help ease with time constraining details. What a help she was with the shoot too.


Being animated really helped in capturing some unique images of Brit. She has such a great attitude and her presence really made a nice energy for composing those perfect shots. I loved working with this girl. So amazing and fun!


The stylist had brought along some really funky bohemian style clothing and accessories. Every thing she brought worked in so perfectly with the shoot. I love the style they choose to bring. The artsy style was definitely her own and she wore it well. I love a free spirited gypsy soul and I felt that vibe when I was shooting her.


When we discovered this old wooden fence Brit really turned up the volume. She posed on and all around the aged wood with such grace and style it made my job really easy to capture her essence and beauty. Yoga moves and poses were among the many challenging body movements she mastered. I was very impressed at how strong and creative she was with the way she held herself on top of the fence!


Feeling pleased about the images we created is an understatement. We got way more shots than I had anticipated and she got a lot to choose from when it was all said and done. My style of photo retouching takes a lot of time as I can get pretty meticulous with the images I edit through. My normal turn around time from end of shooting till one receives their images is 10-14 days. My work begins when I get home and start to cull through the images and then decide which ones to keep and retouch. I love my job and getting to work with people like Brit makes it all the more worthwhile!

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