September 2016 Featured Shoot


The classic Las Vegas showgirl is my themed featured shoot for September. The Las Vegas showgirl iconic look and style has been around in this city for over 60 years now. I am always tickled by seeing the giddy tourist taking photos with the various girls dressed in this attire in and around the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont parts of town.


Getting to work with this sweet model today was not only fun but an educational one too. We shot at a wonderful and very photogenic location, Lake Las Vegas Westin Hotel and Spa. The lesson I learned from this shoot is that I want to come back to this place again and again! It is a beautiful gem here in the desert full of wonderful landscaped gardens and grounds, a refreshing giant pool with fun waterslides and it all sets along a sweet little lake.


This is such a wonderful place that many locals also frequent the resort. I guess we know a good thing when we see one. I know I will be back for sure as a hotel guest so I can enjoy their awesome facilities. Only about 20 miles from the busy Las Vegas strip it also is ideal for the tourist that wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas but close enough to enjoy them if they want to take a short drive.


The grounds are impeccable and has great views of Lake Las Vegas. As we were scouting out the best possible places to shoot, my model enjoyed the scenery and some very positive attention from many hotel guests. Posing for photos with some of the tourists was giving her some practice for our shoot. Not that she needs any practice. She was very well poised and sweet which made my job simple.


The two costumes were created by a professional Las Vegas Showgirl herself who also came along to help style and be apart of the shoot as well. A fun and easy day for me. The light was just right which is always a huge part in the technical part of the photo shoot session. I wanted to use natural light today and it was perfect for what we were trying to get.


Vibrant and sweet are the two words to describe this model. I loved working with her and the designer too. These costumes are worn and presented for not only live events but have been used in film production and television. There is a demand for these costumes, the women who are able to wear them and the models who can balance the high heels along with the heavy headdresses. I know I would have a hard time trying to get the balancing part of it down. I will stick to being behind the camera.


This full wall, floor to ceiling window was my favorite spot to shoot on the entire property. The perfect light and design of the window was what I was envisioning to use as a backdrop for the models but actually this window was even better than I had hoped. This backdrop gave the showgirls a more high fashion twist to their look and feel. I was so happy to shoot this series around this amazing window.


Getting to work with costumes for shoots has become more and more prevalent. Getting close to halloween I get assignments for fun family portraits dressed in costume. I have one next week to shoot a family dressed all in Vampire attire. Should make for a nice enlargement on the wall above the fireplace. A unique twist on a family portrait for sure!


  1. Love your work. Such classic and beautiful photos.

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