September featured shoot


Themed shoots are always very enjoyable. Whether it be for a magazine spread, a book cover or a creative art project they are always full of creative fun. For my September featured shoot I wanted to share my Las Vegas showgirl themed shoot complete with a vintage pink Cadillac.


Our classic Las Vegas style shoot took place off the Las Vegas strip on an empty lot with views of the famous Stratosphere Casino. With two show girls, a classic pink Cadillac provided by the famous King Daddy Caddy and two other great photographers to work along side with, it was a recipe for a wonderful shoot and evening.


The Las Vegas showgirl was introduced to Las Vegas in the 1950's. The idea of having a beautiful woman in flashy and feathery attire attracted the tourists back in the day and seemed to stick around for good in the Las Vegas culture. The Las Vegas showgirl has become one of the most famous icons associated with Las Vegas.


It is debated where the look of the famous Las Vegas showgirl came from. Some say the look is from the famous showgirls in Paris, France and some say the look is from down south in Brazil and from the Carnival festival. Wherever the source, the look is distinct with long legs in high heels, a sequined form fitting body suit to cover the essential parts and topped with normally a very large and heavy headdress complete with feathers and colorful decorations.


The first showgirls were introduced in casinos in the 1950's. The Danny Thomas show at the Sands Casino is accredited to being the first place the Las Vegas showgirl appeared. The year was 1952. The Sands casino is where the Venetian Casino stands today.


As the Las Vegas showgirl's popularity took off, the casinos tried to compete with one another with who had the most beautiful and glamorous showgirls around. The casinos kept competing with one another until one casino in 1957 decided to make their showgirls topless. The Desert Inn is known to be the first casino to have a topless line of showgirls. The Desert Inn is where The Wynn Casino is today.


Las Vegas has plenty of reasons for tourists to come visit today as well as business travelers coming to attend meetings. Las Vegas is one of the top three places for business conventions and meetings in the United States and it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2015, over 40 million tourists plan to visit and stay in Las Vegas.


Anywhere you go in Las Vegas around the tourist areas, you can spot a colorful and vibrant Las Vegas showgirl. For over 60 years the look of the Las Vegas showgirl has been around and will probably stay another 60 years to least. Viva Las Vegas!

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