Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of Fire State ParkLargest State Park with the best camp sites . . .

Valley of Fire State Park is one of the best places to see the beautiful red rock formations that are unique to our valley. Less than an hour from Las Vegas, take the #75 exit off the I-15 North. The west entrance to the Valley of Fire is 11 miles from this exit which includes a 24 hour gas station and small Indian casino/gift shop. The Valley of Fire State Park does not have any restaurants so be prepared to bring your own food and drinks. There is a nice Visitor Center with clean restrooms and some vending machines but have your bases covered if you think you will be out there all day. Believe me, once you get out there, you will want to explore this beautiful and very scenic area, whether on foot or by car. It is certainly worth the drive out.

022ValleyofireAs a photographer I frequent this area many times throughout the year in the Fall, Winter and Spring to see the changing colors of the terrain and fauna. Spending an entire day out in this area allows you to really take in the beauty of the red sandstone...and the many other colors too! The red sandstone takes on a different look depending on the direction of the sun and as the sun is rising or setting you can really see the changes in hues and textures of these amazing structures and land masses. If you are lucky enough to be out at the Valley of Fire in the rain or right after a rain, you will get to experience a whole new feel and look to these rock formations. Not to mention, this desert smells notable good thanks to the abundance of the Creosote Bush. I highly recommend to time it out right to see the Valley of Fire right after a rain. Just be cautious for any flooding as the desert is famous for flash floods when a heavy rain hits. Just be safe and enjoy the amazing views.


078ewebValleyofFireThere are many hikes that allow you to explore this State Park of all different difficulty levels as well as two really wonderful campgrounds. One is for full RV hook ups with nice flush restrooms. This section of the campgrounds also has a Walk-In tent area with a handful of spots. Around the rocks from this area is a more rustic campground without hookups but one of the best campgrounds in the entire area of Las Vegas. Unique to the area, you can camp right in with the red rocks. It is amazing to sit by the fire at night and see so many beautiful stars and the tall majestic rocks framing your views. This campground has non-flush restrooms, covered picnic tables and water spickets.

The hikes are amazing and all highly recommended. I will post different hikes on here and would love to hear any feedback on them. Not into hiking? No problem....the drive all around the park is breath taking and perfecly enjoyable from a car as well. So much to see and so much to do out in this area.

There are two gates to the Valley of Fire...the West gate if you are coming from the I-15 or the East gate if you are entering from the Lake Mead Recreational area. There is a daily entrance fee of $10.00 or you can buy a State Park Pass for $75.00. Just bring plenty of water and get ready to take in some unforgettable views. Enjoy!





Hiking and photography are a great combo

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