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From the Grand Canyon to the Grand Casinos . . .


113webLas Vegas and the entire Las Vegas area is one of the most desirable and inspiring places to live and visit. Being outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer is in abundance here in all forms. Indulging in the different cultures and life styles the entire Southwest has to offer is not only entertaining but maybe even a bit addicting yet inspiring to anyone. 
From the unique and beautiful red sandstone, wide open skies, ample sunshine and giant slot and eroded canyons including the Grandest of grand: the Grand Canyon, to the giant Las Vegas casinos on the Las Vegas strip, the ancient Indian Pueblos, silver mines and numerous ghost towns, one can never be bored and forever be inspired.

114awebIn my adventure blogs I include some of my favorite places to photograph nature and people. The magical light that is prevelent in this area allows for amazing imagery and great opportunties to explore and enjoy the scenery. As a photographer I especially appreciate the views and very one of a kind places to see and capture in art. I consider myself an artist that currently uses my photography as my medium. I look forward to sharing with you the very beautiful and amazing adventures I have found and treasure. 

025web This blog will include half day, full day, overnights and weekend adventures. They will be labeled accordingly. If I can inspire just one person to experience an unforgetable journey or adventure, I have met my purpose for this blog and this section of my website. Also, I love any and all feedback regarding any of the adventures I write about or if you have one you can suggest I would really love to hear about it. Thank you and happy adventures!


Hiking and photography are a great combo

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